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Administrative Permit Process



What are Administrative Permits?

According to Chapters 12 and 26-48 in West Bloomfield's code of ordinances, administrative permits can be granted for minor projects within regulated wetlands, floodplains, and environmental features setbacks. This will speed up the application process for many smaller projects, and offers a simpler procedure than going before the Township's Wetland Review Board. Administrative permits are handled through the Environmental Department, and questions should be directed to them at 248.451.4818.



What projects can be made under an Administrative Permit?

Only minor projects can be approved under the administrative permit process. Minor projects include, but are not limited to, landscaping, deck construction, seawall construction and repairs, and wetland enhancement. For a full description of what constitutes as a minor project click here. A permit holder must also be in compliance with the environmental design criteria and standards for wetland/floodplain administrative permits and for environmental features setback administrative permits.



What is the review process for Administrative Permits?

There are 3 stages to the permit process.

Stage 1:

The applicant must turn in a $250 application fee, 3 sets of plans that comply with Township requirements, and the application itself. It will take approximately 2-5 business days for the Environmental Department to review the plans. If the project is accepted by the Department, a public notice is posted onsite and posted on the Environmental Department's web page. Plans will be available for public viewing at Town Hall. If it is determined that the project is not minor, an administrative permit is not applicable, and the application will be forwarded to the Wetland Review Board.

Stage 2:

A public notice period will last for 21 days after a positive decision has been made on an application. Property owners within 300 feet of the project and home/lake associations will be notified via mail of the proposed project. During these 21 days, they have the option of submitting, in writing, an objection that substantiates claims that the Director has not properly interpreted/applied the Ordinances. If at the end of this 21 day period there are no objections, or no objections with merit, the permit is granted. If objections exist, and are determined reasonable, the application will go to the Wetland Review Board.

Stage 3:

If a permit is granted at the end of the 21 day public notice period, then a 21 day appeal period begins immediately. During this second 21 day period, work cannot begin. Property owners within 300 feet of the project and home/lake associations have this second 21 day period to pay a fee to the Clerk's Office and appeal the permit. If there are no appeals at the end of the 21 days, the permit goes into effect, and work can begin. If the permit is appealed, there will be a hearing with the Township Board.

For a flow chart of the Administrative Permit application process click here.



How do I apply for an Administrative Permit?

Click here for a listing of the terms and conditions.

An application must be filled out, and the aforementioned terms and conditions must be fully agreed upon.

The application must be submitted to the Environmental Department at Town Hall, along with a $250 application fee, and 3 sets of plans.



Click Here for Public Notices for Administrative Permits.


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