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Allied Waste Recycling Services


Allied Waste will pick up a variety of recycled goods including plastics, glass, paper, and metals. In particular, Allied Waste will recycle plastics #1 and #2, which includes most beverage bottles, milk jugs, and detergent bottles. Please thoroughly rinse these containers prior to putting them into your recycling bins. Allied Waste will also recycle clear, brown, green, and blue glass. All aluminum products can be recycled. Most everyday paper products can be recycled, but please make sure that these products are clean. Cardboard can be picked up if it is bundled and no larger than 2' by 2'. Cereal boxes are acceptable. All materials can be thrown together into the same approved recycling bin and placed out on the curb next to the trash each week. For more information about Allied Waste's recycling services as well as other available recycling services, please consult our printable recycling guide.


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