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Environmental Commission

Commission Members and Meeting Schedule


Environmental Commission

Meetings are held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, unless otherwise stated, at the West Bloomfield Township Hall, 4550 Walnut Lake Road at 7:00pm

Commission Members

Tony Spokojny, Chairman

Ray Esshaki, Vice-Chairman

Katherine A. Hagopian, Secretary

Adria Brown, Assistant Secretary

Sara Oltarz-Schwartz

Gene Farber

Eleanor Squaire-Spears

Robert Brooks, Jr--Alternate

Diane Rosenfeld Swimmer - Non-voting Liaison from Township Board


2014 Scheduled Meetings

April             23

May              14


June            11


July              09


August        13


September 10

October       22

November  12

December  10


The Environmental Commission, appointed and authorized by the Township Board via Chapter 2 of the Township Code of Ordinances) is responsible for the permit review and issuance pursuant to the following ordinances:


Chapter 12: Floodplain, Floodway, Watercourse, and Wetland Protection

Chapter 26 -- Article 5.4: Environmental Features Setback

Chapter 26 -- Article 3.1.21: Woodland Conservation Overlay District

Chapter 24 -- Article VI: Storm Water Management (incl. Appendix)



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