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Drive Green: Save Some Gasoline

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*Picture from www.activehybrid.com

With Global Warming at the forefront of environmental concerns, and with our rising prices in fuel, we should all be attempting to reduce our ecological footprint. Here are some simple tips for driving green and improving your gas mileage...

  • Receive regular tune-ups and maintenance on your vehicle.
  • Make sure you have a clean air filter! This can easily be changed during an oil change or a tune-up.
  • Check for correct tire alignment.
  • Ensure proper inflation of your tires. Your vehicle's optimum pressure can be found in the owner's manual or on the driver-side door jam. Not only does this increase your gas mileage, but it can greatly extend the life of your tires! Tire pressure should be checked once a month, and more frequently during winter months.
  • Purchase gas at cooler times of the day (early morning or late evening) in order to reduce evaporation of fuel.
  • Do not top off your tank when fueling up, as this ruins the vehicle's vapor recovery equipment.
  • Reduce your use of AC or heat while driving. Even a few degrees of difference can have a wonderful impact.
  • Do not idle your car. If you are sitting in the car for an extended period of time, shut it off. If you are in a long drive-through line, consider parking and just walking inside to order.
  • Dispose of fluids and parts properly. Remember the Township has a Household Hazardous Waste drop-off day twice a year.
  • Smooth driving is suggested for saving gas. Avoid sudden stops and starts and reduce your braking.
  • Each car make and model has an optimum speed for its best gas mileage. Speeding, particularly on the freeways, usually exceeds this optimum speed. Call your dealership to find out your vehicle's best speed if you are unsure and would like to know.
  • Excess weight holds your car back, so unload the trunk. Take out all unnecessary items you've had stored in your vehicle.
  • Putting a bed cover on your truck improves its aerodynamics and reduces the gas guzzling.
  • Keep track of your gas mileage continuously. If it suddenly changes, this can be a sign of a problem with your vehicle.
  • CARPOOL! Share rides with coworkers, or invite friends to run their errands along with you. Always plan your trips ahead of time in order to do as much at once as possible. Public transportation is available to some locations as well.
  • Consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle. There are many options available now with hybrids, including luxury vehicles and SUVs.
  • Talk to your employer about working from home, or if you are the boss, encourage carpooling in your office or give a work-from-home option to your employees.
  • Last but not least... Don't drive and get some exercise instead! Consider walking or biking to nearby locations.

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