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Environmental Features Setback Ordinances




It is recommended that those who want to apply for a permit arrange a pre-application meeting with the Environmental Department.  This meeting is intended to be informational and ensure a complete application process. 

Please contact the Environmental Department at 248.451.4818



Residents must obtain a permit to perform any work in an established enviornmental features setback including removal, deposition or assembly of materials or structures, permanent or temporary.  No work can be preformed above or below the surface of the land or water, including but not limited to, constructing houses, buildings, bulkheads, piers, docks, rafts; removing plants, soils, or any other vegetation; dredging, filling, or land balancing.


Setback Standards

1.  A twenty-five-foot setback from the boundary or edge of a wetland


2.  A twenty-five-foot setback from the ordinary high water mark of a watercourse


Intent of Environmental Feature Setbacks


Prevent Physical Harm to an Environmental Feature


Protect Wildlife and Provide Habitat for Threatened Species

Protection of Water Quality

Provide Water Storage During Storm Events

Preserve Aesthetic Views

Stabilization of Soil