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Human Resources News


   On April 2nd, 2007 the Development Services Section for the Township became a reality.  The Building, Environmental, Planning, and Engineering Divisions are being reorganized in a manner to improve the customer services for the citizens and contractors that come to Town Hall.  There is a pool of four to five persons directly responsible for customer service on the phones and counter backed up by four to five speciality personnel to provide information and assistance to our customers.

   As a cost-cutting measure, the Township has decided not to fill its recently vacated position of Township Engineer and will utilize outside consultants when the need arises.  Over the next two years, additional staffing cuts will occur depending on the activity needs of the Development Section.


The Human Resources and Fire Department have filled all vacancies in the Fire Department as it returns to full budgeted strength of 102 personnel.  The Township employs 296 full time personnel for all departments combined. (See Staffing Plan)

2007 Staffing Plan


Negotiations continue with the Police and Firefighters unit in order to reach an agreement on a contract to replace the one that expired on 1/1/2007.  The Dispatchers unit has filled for arbitration of the contract although talks are continuing.