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How to Recycle

The Township is frequently asked about proper discarding of recyclable or hazardous waste items.  This guide is intended to help you properly dispose of these materials in an environmentally friendly manner.  You are encouraged to contact your contracted waste hauler to answer any questions about specific items that are permitted for pick-up at your curb-side, including recyclables.


Twice a year the Township sponsors a Hazardous Waste Recycling Event—one in the Spring and one in the Fall.  This service is free to our residents.  Flyers, typically sent out in advance, and the Township website, provide details regarding this event and the specific items that will be accepted.  If you are unable to attend this event, or not able to hold items until the event occurs, this guide may provide you with some alternatives.


Gently used Clothing, Furniture, and Household Goods:  Please consider donating these items to one of the local charities, such as Salvation Army, Purple Heart, or Goodwill.    Many charities such as these are often willing to come to your home for pick-up of items.

Salvation Army                                     Purple Heart                          Goodwill

www.salarmythrift.org              www.purpleheartpickup.org      www.goodwill.org


Don’t Dump It…Donate & Deduct It!  - Habitat for Humanity Detroit ReStore:  Tearing something down or discarding old?  Call the Detroit ReStore first to reduce your cost!  They accept anything you might find in your local Home Improvement Store including appliances, paint, electrical & lighting, plumbing fixtures, tools, clean carpet, kitchen & bath cabinets, doors, windows, lumber, shingles, etc.  Call for a free pick-up:  313-653-4890 or view website: www.habitatdetroit.org/Restore

Latex Paint:  This is a non-hazardous material that can be easily disposed of either by air drying or by pouring cat litter or sand into the paint can and waiting for it to be absorbed into the cat litter or sand.  (As soon as the paint has dried, empty the contents of the can into the regular trash.  Separately place the paint can with the lid off on the curb for disposal.)

Oil-based PaintThis is hazardous waste that must be disposed of at a Hazardous Waste Site.

Paint Solvent, Glue (solvent based), Wood Preservative, Varnish:  These are hazardous waste materials that must be disposed of at a Hazardous Waste Site.

Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Pesticides, Bug Spray:  These are hazardous waste materials that must be disposed of at a Hazardous Waste Site.

Aerosol Cans:  These are hazardous waste and should be disposed of at a Hazardous Waste Site.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFLs): are the new energy efficient and cost effective lighting alternative to regular incandescent light bulbs.  At each “The Home Depot” store, customers can simply bring in any burned out, unbroken CFL bulbs, place them in a plastic bag and deposit them both into a collection unit at no cost. Customers will be able to locate the CFL receptacle on the front end of the store near the entrance, by the Returns desk or near the exit doors inside the store.

Fluorescent Light Tubes:  This is hazardous waste that must be left in tact and disposed of at a Hazardous Waste Site.

Disposal of a broken fluorescent light bulb:  If a light bulb breaks, open a window to let vapors escape and leave the room for fifteen minutes. Wear disposable rubber gloves, and clean up the area with a wet paper towel or single-use wipe. Double plastic bag everything for disposal in your regular garbage.

Car Batteries:  Firestone Complete Auto Care – 6725 Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield – 248-626-2322 will accept car batteries free of charge.

Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Kerosene:  This is hazardous waste that must be disposed of at a Hazardous Waste Site.

Motor Oil:  A variety of oil changing places accept up to 5 gallons of used motor oil free of charge: Firestone Complete Auto Care, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Murray’s and Magpie Enterprises Inc.

Radiator Fluid:  Master Radiator – 2293 Elizabeth Lake Road, Waterford – 248-682-4490 will accept radiator fluid free of charge.


Tires:  Whole tires are banned from the landfills. They will not be picked up with household trash. Tire piles are fire hazards and breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Please properly dispose of old tires.  Belle Tire - Commerce (248) 926-8600, Darrell's Firestone - Farmington (248) 477-9090 and Northwest Tune-Up Mobile - Farmington Hills (248) 553-4080 all take old tires for a fee ($2-$3 per tire).

Vehicles: Wheels for Wishes ( http://michigan.wheelsforwishes.org/ ) – 2000 Town Center, Suite 1900, Southfield, MI, 48075, 1-855-370-9474 . At no charge, we tow away old, broken down vehicles and either recycle or auction them so that proceeds benefit your local Make-A-Wish Michigan.

Household Batteries:  Batteries Plus at 30760 Orchard Lake Road – Farmington (between 13 & 14 Mile Roads) 248-737-9140 accepts all household batteries free of charge.

Cellular Phones:  You may drop off any cellular phones, whether they are operational or not, and whether or not you have the charger to go with it, in a bin located in the lobby of the Town Hall.  This is offered in partnership with Charitable Recycling.  Log on to www.charitablerecycling.com for more information.


Best Buy

Items Accepted:  Every U.S. Best Buy store has free kiosks, just inside the door, for you to drop off TV's, CRT's, Monitors (up to 32”), DVD Players, Cameras, Computers, Laptops, Stereo Systems, Inkjet Cartridges, Batteries, Cell Phones, CDs/DVDs, PDAs, Smartphones and Best Buy gift cards.  (up to 2 items/ household per day).

Staples Stores
All locations accept computers, monitors, laptops and printers for recycling. $10 charge per item.

Computer Recycling:  Nationwide Laser Technologies – 248-488-0155 or Dump Junk – 888-386-7586 are other options for computer recycling.

Ink Cartridges:  These items may be re-filled at a fraction of the cost of new ones at several home office retailers, Nationwide Laser Technologies in Farmington Hills – 248-488-0155, and even retailers such as Walgreen’s.  Some schools collect cartridges for fundraising purposes, as well.

Propane Tanks:  Home Depot, Lowe’s, Meijer, and most gas stations have a propane tank trade-in program.  If you want to dispose of a spare propane tank, the This Is It Shop on Orchard Lake Road, West Bloomfield – 248-737-2377 will accept empty tanks for free.

“Coleman” Propane Cylinders:  These tanks (generally used for camping) can be discarded in trash provided they are completely empty.  Coleman now provides a special “Green Key Tool” to help to ensure tanks are completely empty.  See website for details:  www.coleman.com/coleman/recycle/cylinder_dis.asp

Disposal of Appliances containing Freon:  Golden Refrigerant – 12901 Newburgh Rd, Livonia – 734-793-1400 accepts refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers for a fee of $32/unit.  They do not provide a pick-up service.

Freon Removal from Refrigerators/Freezers:  Items that have had the Freon removed and tagged by a certified technician generally can be put at the curbside for pick-up.  Contact your waste hauler for information regarding special pick-up directions.

Keitz & Sons                                    Maple Appliance

Highland, MI                                    Sylvan Lake, MI

248-887-1734                                        248 253-9200        

Starting at $55/unit                         Starting at $95/unit

Note:  Starting sometime in 2010, both DTE Energy and Consumer’s Energy will be offering their electric customers an appliance recycling program (for old, but working refrigerators and freezers).  Working refrigerators and freezers, that are more than 15 years old, use up four times more energy than today’s appliances.  Customers of either of these companies will be able to schedule a pick-up of their appliance and receive a $30 - $50 rebate for recycling in an environmentally safe manner and to help reduce energy costs.

Consumer Energy customers: call 877-270-3519 for more information


DTE Energy customers:  call 866-796-0512 for more information


Freon Removal from Air Conditioners:  Items that have had the Freon removed and tagged by a certified technician generally can be put at the curbside for pick-up.  Contact your waste hauler for information regarding special pick-up directions.

Kotz Heating and Cooling                    Kotz Heating and Cooling 

         Waterford:                                       Commerce / Walled Lake:

      248-674-4999                                             248 - 360-4101

Expired Medications:  Please do not discard medications down the toilet or sink, unless the label accompanying patient information specifically instructs you to do so.  Medicines that are flushed become part of the water supply.  This is hazardous waste and should be discarded at a Hazardous Waste Site that collects drugs at a central location for proper disposal.  Otherwise, if a drug take-back program is not available, use the guidelines outlined by the Office of National Drug Control Policy:


  1. Take your prescription drugs out of their original containers.
  2. Mix drugs with an undesirable substance, such as cat litter or used coffee grounds.
  3. Put this mixture into a disposable container with a lid, such as an empty margarine tub, or into a sealable bag.
  4. Conceal or remove any personal information, including Rx number, on the empty containers by covering it with black permanent marker or duct tape, or by scratching it off.
  5. Place the sealed container with the mixture, and the empty drug containers, in the trash.

Taken from:  www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov/publications/pdf/prescrip_disposal.pdf

Sharps, Syringes:  Sharps can go in your regular trash. Please take the time to follow these safety steps:
1. Clip your needles.
2. Place the needles in a HARD plastic bottle. Tape the lid shut, and mark the container "SYRINGES".
3. Place the container in a garbage bag and into the trash. NEVER put sharps containers in your recycling bin.


Paper Shredding:  The following are businesses that provide shredding services for a fee.

E-Shred                               Shred-Corp                                Shred Legal                      Eco Shred
33300 W Nine Mile,                   Troy                                             Novi                       21267 Hilltop St  Farmington                           248-726-1300                            248-474-9122                    248- 746-0183 


Paper Recycling:  ABITIBI dumpsters are located in many of the school parking lots. The schools collect catalogs, magazines, newspaper, junk mail, office paper, fax paper, and folders. Please DO NOT place cardboard or phonebooks or plastic in the dumpsters.  By placing your paper waste into the dumpsters for collection and recycling, the specific schools collect monthly monetary checks. The dumpsters are there all year long and your paper can be dropped off at your convenience.

Textbooks, Books, Paper & Plastic Wrap:   These items can be recycled at Royal Oak Waste Paper & Metal Co. located at 414 E. Hudson in Royal Oak – 248-541-4020.  Allen Blum Co., Inc. of  4333 Westover Ct, West  Bloomfield – 248-851-9515 is another paper recycling company.

Gently used hardcover and soft cover books (excluding textbooks) can be dropped off at the Main Library’s used book drop box for their used book sales.

Lawn Mowers, Metals & Scrap Metals:  FTP Pontiac at 500 Collier Road in Pontiac  - 248-335-8141 will pay a small amount for aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, iron, steel, stainless white metals.  Royal Oak Waste Paper & Metal Co. located at 414 E. Hudson Ave. in Royal Oak – 248-541-4020 - will buy ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the from of scrap plumbing, electrical wiring, carbide, aluminum siding, aluminum rims, and appliances without Freon.  Pick-up service is available.

Bullets:  Bullets cannot be placed in the trash for regular disposal.  For proper disposal, please contact the Police Department at 248-975-9200.

Yard Waste:  These drop-off sites all have fees associated:

Arbor Hills, Veolia                                     State Crushing                Environmental Wood Solutions 10599 Five Mile, Northville                                     2660 Auburn Rd, Pontiac                        Lake Orion      

(888) 443-1717 or 248-349-7230                  (248)-332-1717                                 (248) 391-9446       
                                                               Accepts leaves, brush, logs,          Accepts wood pallets,

                                                               wood, top soil, sod...etc                tree stumps, brush, crates,

                                                                                                 woodchips, etc.

Tuthill Composting                                                            

10505 Tuthill Rd, South Lyon                                                                                                          


Please note that your contracted hauler/waste service provider does pick up yard waste weekly, starting the first Monday on or after April 1st through the last week of November, on the same day of the contractor collects solid waste and recyclables.  Yard waste must be in brown paper yard waste bags or loose in trash cans up to 30 gallons clearly marked “Yard Waste” or “Compost.”


Yard Waste includes: leaves, grass clippings, garden debris, shrubbery, weeds, lake weeds, flowers, bush or tree trimmings less than 3’ in length and 2” in diameter.    Note:  Larger diameter logs less than 4” in diameter and less than 4’ in length may be put in the trash for Solid Waste.


IDEAL Asphalt Shingle Recycler
19300 West Eight Mile
(248) 396.2240
Accept residential shingles - $18/ton

Asphalt, Concrete, Brick, Rocks and other Construction Debris: The following businesses accept bricks and concrete

Michigan Crushed Concrete                     State Crushing                                BJ Haggerty Trucking
25012 Plymouth Rd, Redford Twp.        2660 Auburn Rd, Pontiac                          Redford
(313) 534-1500                                          (248) 332-1717                                          313-550-8675
Concrete, asphalt, brick, dirt                   Concrete, bricks, yard waste, wood    will come on site,
fee applies.                                                 fee applies.                                               remove concrete

                                                                                                      for a fee.

Hazardous Waste Sites These companies accept household hazardous waste materials for a fee:

Veolia (Onyx) Environmental                                             IRWS
11681 Levan Dr, Livonia                                                  28265 Beck Rd, Wixom
734-632-8459                                                                      800-440-1641
All batteries, hazardous waste - fee applies
            Computers, electronics, hazardous waste

Environmental Recycling Group                                         SQS, INC.
Livonia                                                                                 7522 Baron Drive, Canton
(734) 437-9650                                                                     734-459-3800 
Hazardous waste, batteries, computers                         Hazardous waste, including gasoline


Landfills, Transfer Stations:  Fees apply

Arbor Hills, Veolia (Onyx)       Oakland Heights Development Inc.              Eagle Valley Recycle & Disposal

10599 Five Mile, Northville               2350 Brown Road, Auburn Hills             600 W. Silver Bell Road, Orion
248-349-7230 or 888-443-1717        248-373-2334                                           248-391-0990     



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