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Metal Recycling Fun Facts!

  • Americans throw away enough steel to continuously supply all the nation's automakers.
  • Recycling steel reduces air pollution, and water pollution and requires 70% less energy than producing it from raw materials.
  • You can make 20 cans out of the recycled material with the same amount of energy it takes to make one new one.
  • Every ton of recycled aluminum saves 95% of the energy needed to make new aluminum.
  • Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours -- or the equivalent of a half a gallon of gasoline.
  • 350,000 aluminum cans are produced every minute!
  • Once an aluminum can is recycled, it can be part of a new can within six weeks
  • Because so many of them are recycled, aluminum cans account for less than 1% of the total U.S. waste stream, according to EPA estimates
  • There is no limit to the amount of times an aluminum can can be recycled.
  • A 60-watt light bulb can be run for over a day on the amount of energy saved by recycling 1 pound of steel. In one year in the United States, the recycling of steel saves enough energy to heat and light 18,000,000 homes!
  • Every ton of recycled steel saves 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,000 of coal, and 40 pounds of limestone.
  • More than 20,000,000 Hershey's Kisses are wrapped each day, using 133 square miles of tinfoil. All that foil is recyclable, but not many people realize it.

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