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Minor Projects


Minor project means a proposed operation that is on or in connection with the lawful use of a single-family residential property that has received and is or will be in compliance with the conditions of all other required Township permits or approvals and that does not involve, include or propose any of the following as determined by the director upon reviewing a use permit application:

(1)  Operations by or on behalf of a public agency or utility for purposes other than maintenance or repair of existing structures.


(2)  Operations that require site plan approval under the Zoning Ordinance.


(3)  Operations that involve filling, dredging or activities that would alter the shape, condition or function of a wetland or watercourse.


(4)  New home construction in a wetland or the environmental features setback.


(5)  Placement of new structures in a wetland.


(6)  Wetland impacts that are not for enhancement, improvement, or the removal of invasive species.


(7)  More than 25% impact on the existing environmental features setback area.


(8)  A net loss of the function or value of a resource protected by this Chapter. 


(9)  Operations that have already been commenced, meaning that after-the-fact permits may not be approved administratively.


(10)  Property that exists in violation of township or state laws or ordinances or upon or for which there are unsatisfied township permit or approval conditions.


(11)  Operations allowed but not commenced and/or completed under a prior use permit approval that has expired in the last six (6) months.