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Obtaining a Wetlands Permit


Why Do I need a Wetland Permit?

How Do I know If I have a Wetland on My Property?


  Pursuant to the Code of Ordinances of the Charter Township of West Bloomfield, NO WORK (i.e., landscaping, removal of vegetation, filling, excavating, clearing, building or locating of any operation, obstruction or structure) may be done in a wetland, floodplain, floodway, watercourse, or within 25 feet of a wetland or watercourse without first obtaining a permit from the West Bloomfield Township Wetlands Review Board.


General Application Guidelines (please refer to the Instruction Form for more specific application requirements)

Choosing an Appropriate Application


It is recommended that those who want to apply for a permit arrange a pre-application meeting with the Environmental Department. 

This meeting is intended to be informational and ensure a complete application process. 

Please contact the Environmental Department at 248.451.4818


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