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Green Your Office


Here are a few ideas for making your office more eco-friendly.

  1. Invest in laptops rather than desktops. They require much less energy to run.
  2. Turn computers off and lights out when you're away from your office or gone for the evening.
  3. Keep electronics that are only used on occasion unplugged so they are not still sucking up energy.
  4. Make sure to recycle. If your office doesn't, request that it start. Recycling is one of the first steps in becoming more environmentally conscientious.
  5. Reduce paper use. Send emails and save documents on your hard drive rather than printing them off. Use double sided printing when allowed.
  6. Request direct deposit for your paychecks. Less paper is better.
  7. Bring your own coffee mug to use and reuse, rather than filling your garbage can with disposable cups.
  8. Pack lunches in reusable containers rather than purchasing sandwich bags and paper sacks.
  9. Reconsider your normal mode of transportation. Possibly opt for carpooling or biking to work.
  10. Try working from home, even if only a day or two a week. Instant messaging, email, and video conferences make this simple now.
  11. For shorter office trips, consider taking a bus or train. These rides are much more fuel efficient when the distance isn't that far.


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