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Safety Issue Trees


To remove or trim safety issue trees that fall within a regulated wetland, a woodland area and/or a 25' environmental features setback area, homeowners must follow the procedures below:


What should I do immediately?
If you have a safety issue tree in a regulated area, please tag the tree of high concern with a brightly colored ribbon, or with brightly colored tape or spray paint. Call the Environmental Department at (248) 451-4818 to notify us about the problem, and we will schedule a time to visit with the homeowner. The homeowner must be present at the time of the scheduled visit.


What happens next?

Staff from the Environmental Department will come at the scheduled time to take pictures, record relevant information, and give their assessment. The staff member will then notify the homeowner whether or not they can cut, trim and/or remove the tree(s) without a wetland or woodland permit needed.

If no permit is needed:

The Staff member and homeowner will sign a Safety Issue Tree Form.  The form will contain property and contact information, as well as which trees can be trimmed or removed.  By signing the form, the staff member agrees that the subject trees named do not need a woodland or wetland permit.  The homeowner agrees that he/she can cut or trim the trees, (West Bloomfield Township is not responsible for removal of trees), but will not harm any others in the protected area.  Upon request, a copy of this form can be emailed to the homeowner.

If the Environmental Department does not clear the tree removal:

The Environmental Department staff member may assess that the tree(s) are not dying, decaying, diseased, or dead. In this case there is no clearance for removal or trimming. At this time, the homeowner has the option to apply for a wetland/woodland setback permit to request removal.


Please note that every case is assessed on a "site-by-site" basis. In no way will a decision made at one site influence the decision made at another. If you have any questions, please contact the Environmental Department at (248) 451-4818.


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