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Safety Paths




Our Mission

The Charter Township of West Bloomfield currently has 68 miles of non-motorized Pedestrian Safety Pathways. In November of 2004, the Township voted to extend the Safety Paths, and we have been mapping and constructing the proposed sidewalk since then.  The construction began in the spring of 2008 and will run through the fall of 2011.

In addition, West Bloomfield Township is also committed to maintaining the pathways that already exist.  Last year (2008), the Township did an extensive analysis of the existing path to better serve the community. 

The Township assessed damaged pathway, settled ramps on boardwalks, overgrown brush and trees, and portions of the path covered in gravel.  Each issue was ranked based on whether or not it posed an immediate safety threat.  The highest ranked issues will be repaired first due to a limited budget.

Any additional sections of damaged path or broken boardwalks will be assessed and added to the pathway maintenance log (if not already noted). 

West Bloomfield Township is committed to protecting and serving the citizens of the community.



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