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Green Your Shopping


Check out the following ideas on how to making your shopping experience more eco-friendly.

  1. Bring your own bags. Grocery stores often will pay you for bringing your own canvas bags for use, and it reduces the amount of plastic bags entering our waste stream.
  2. Purchase in bulk. This not only saves money for you, but usually requires less packaging and makes more efficient use of transportation.
  3. Buy local foods and help your local economy. Local produce can be purchased at farmers' markets, farmstands, and in some grocery stores. This reduces the pollution from needing to transport food into the area, and the food won't be laden with waxes and chemicals that keep it fresh longer.
  4. Fashion can be eco-friendly. Look for clothes and accessories that are environmentally thoughtful, from recycled content to second-hand use.
  5. Consider the packaging when comparing products. Less packaging is obviously better, but now naturally made packaging is becoming more common versus the familiar (and difficult to biodegrade) plastic. Also, look for packaging that can be recycled, rather than just tossed into your garbage.
  6. Investigate purchasing green energy for your electricity use. Click here for more information.
  7. Purchase products such as mattresses that aren't drenched in flame-retardant chemicals but instead made from more naturally flame resistant fibers.
  8. Second-hand shops and antique stores are great places to find unique items, saving products from entering a landfill, and reducing our need to produce new products.
  9. Look for more natural replacements to products laden with nasty chemicals. Also consider products without added dyes or fragrances.
  10. Buy product refills rather than a new item every time. This will save materials otherwise used for manufacturing and/or packaging.
  11. When purchasing food at a restaurant, consider dining in rather than getting take-out. Extra napkins and plastic forks from take-out are wasteful and end up in the trash.
  12. Don't buy wrapping paper. Instead use the Sunday comics from your newspaper, or pictures from magazines to wrap your gifts.


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