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The Clinton Watershed

  The Clinton Watershed    

  drains to the Clinton River

  that feeds Lake St. Clair in

  Harrison Township.  The

  watershed is approximately

  760 sq. miles and supports

  1.4 million people.  The

  Clinton River flows through

  60 communities with mixed land uses.  The headwaters of the watershed begin in more rural areas of Brandon and Berlin Township and flow through more suburban and urbanized areas as the water approaches Lake St. Clair.  Mainly due to urban influence, the Clinton River Watershed has been seriously degraded.  While improvements have occurred within the past decade by careful watershed planning and education, the Clinton Watershed still has more than 200 contaminated sites, 27 of which are superfund sites and four on the National Priority List for clean-up.  Contaminants of concern include PCB's, heavy metals, oils and grease, sedimentation, pesticides and fertilizers.  Consequently, areas throughout the watershed have very low oxygen concentrations, high levels of bacteria, elevated nutrients, and degraded biota.  To significantly improve the water quality within the Clinton Watershed, deliberate and coordinated action is required from the individual resident to the municipal level.  With time and effort to control pollution at its source, the Clinton Watershed could be restored to support healty aquatic and terrestrial life.   

For more information, please visit the Clinton River Watershed Council

Environmental Department Homepage