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Obtaining a Wetlands Permit - General Guidelines



Below are general guidelines for the wetlands permit application process.  Please refer to the Wetland Review Board Application Instructions for more specific application requirements.



  • For projects to be reviewed by the Wetlands Review Board, please submit twelve (12) folded copies of a plot plan drawn to scale.  Additionally, please submit twelve (12) folded copies of detailed plans showing the proposed work. 
  • For projects that require Planning Commission and/or Township Board approval (new subdivisions, new commercial buildings, etc…), submit a total of twenty-four copies (24) of the site plan, plat or lot split.
  • For projects where removal, depositing, or grading is proposed, please provide an accurate topographical map of disturbed areas drawn at a scale.  The map must be prepared and certified by a registered landscape architect, land surveyor, or engineer.
  • All applications (site plans and fees) must be filed with the Environmental Department a minimum of four (4) weeks prior to a scheduled meeting.  In the event of a back-log of cases, the applicant will be scheduled for the next available meeting.
  • Regular meetings of the Wetlands Board are held the second and fourth Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm.  You or someone to represent you must be present at the meeting.   
  • There will be a 21 day appeal period when anyone may appeal the decision of the Wetland Review board to the Township Board.
  • If an extension of a valid permit is needed, the request must be submitted in writing to the Environmental Department one (1) month prior to the permit expiration date


Permit Denial


Denied permits can be appealed through the Township Board for twenty (21) days after the initial decision by the Wetlands Review Board.  Upon review by the Township Board, the original decision can either be upheld by the Township Board or returned to the Wetlands Review Board for a second review of the permit application. 


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