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Why Do I Need a Wetland Permit?

All of the wetlands in West Bloomfield Township are protected by the Township’s wetland ordinances and may be protected by state and federal legislation as well. Some activities like the use of phosphorus-based fertilizers are prohibited in wetland areas, while other activities such as low-impact recreation (hiking, fishing, and bird watching) do not require a permit from the Township. In general, however, ANY proposed alterations or disturbance prescribed within the wetland ordinance requires a permit to be granted by the Township.


How Do I Know if I Have a Wetland on My Property?


Wetland delineation is the process by which a trained expert determines (1) whether conditions satisfy wetland definition requirements, and (2) the spatial extent of the wetland. Wetland delineations can be conducted either by the Township’s Environmental Department or a private consultant. If a private consultant is utilized, it must be confirmed by the Township's Environmental Department. A wetland determination includes observation of plant, soil, and land characteristics that denote a wetland environment. Because the extent and condition of wetlands naturally fluctuate and can change by season, wetland delineations should be conducted once every few years.

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