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Catherine Shaughnessy
West Bloomfield Township Clerk


Catherine Shaughnessy has lived in West Bloomfield with her family since 1988 devoting much of her spare time in a volunteer capacity as an avid advocate for the Township.

Cathy has led many grass roots groups and efforts to help shape West Bloomfield. Her volunteer work extends from policy setting positions to the actual acquisition of valuable parkland – from negotiating deeds with landowners to fundraising monies for the purchases. Her efforts can be readily seen all over the Township in the beautiful protected areas of residential developments and the numerous parks that make West Bloomfield one of the most desirable communities in which to live.

As a member for many years on the Wetland Review Board, Cathy helped establish environmental standards for the Township and set policy. On November 4, 2008, she was elected Township Clerk and is now able to affect similar standards and policies for the Township in all aspects of daily government.

Cathy’s decision making is based on careful and thorough deliberation and she welcomes all views.

“It's important to hear diverse opinions on issues so I can be confident I've considered the impact on our residents”.

Ms. Shaughnessy is not a career politician but rather, she would like to establish her career as your West Bloomfield Township Clerk.

“I am honored to be a part of the effort to put the welcome mat back out at Township Hall and to serve as your West Bloomfield Township Clerk”.

You may contact Ms. Shaughnessy at c_shaughnessy@wbtwp.com or at askclerks@wbtwp.com