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The Charter Township of West Bloomfield has contracted with the Oakland County Animal Control Department to provide domestic animal services to residents of the Township. In the event a family pet is lost or missing owners of the animal should consider the following information when attempting to locate their pets:

1 - DO NOT allow your pets to run at large. Pets must be on a leash when off your property.

2 - Make sure your pets are properly vaccinated and licensed. Pets should wear a collar with the appropriate licenses and tags at all times. This is the only method by which your pet can be identified by others unfamiliar with the animal.

3 - In the event your pet becomes lost or missing enlist the help of family members and friends to assist you in the search for your pet. The pet may have taken ill, been injuried, scared or lost and unable to find it's way home. The more people who you have looking for the pet, the greater the chances that the dog will be found. Notify your neighbors that your pet is missing.

4 - Contact the following agencies to report your pet as lost or missing: Oakland County Animal Control (248) 391-4102 West Bloomfield Police Department (248) 682-9200 Michigan Humane Society (248) 852-7420 Bloomfield Township Animal Welfare (248) 433-7757 Your veterinarian (Rabies tags may have the vets phone number on them)

Be prepared to provide the following information when you place your call to these agencies:

  • Pets Name
  • Age
  • Size - Approximate weight and height at shoulder
  • Sex
  • Color, colors or distinguishing markings
  • Type and color of collar containing identification information
  • DO NOT put your pets name on the tags or collar. In the alternative provide information as to how the the owner can be contacted. Home and cell phone numbers are very important.
  • You can provide information regarding the breed of your dog but don't be disappointed of thers do not recognize your pet when it is described as a specific breed or mixture of breeds. Not everyone is knowledgeable about specific breeds of pets.
  • Advise when and where the animal was last seen.
5 - Call back daily to be sure the information is on file and is being shared with others within these agencies. Go to all local animal shelters at least every other day to look for your pet. Do not depend on others to find your pet for you.

6 - Consider placing ads in local publications under the lost and found sections. Frequently these ads are free, as a publice service. Check these lost and found sections to see if someone may have found your pet.

7 - Don't give up looking for your pet after a few days. Pets are often times found after being lost for weeks or months.