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Denise Maier, Human Resources Director

Denise Maier  248-451-4812
Marya Duncan, HR Specialist  248-451-4803
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



The Human Resources Department is responsible for recruitment, organizing, selection, and processing hiring of all employees of the Township. The Human Resources Department coordinates all employee insurance programs and employee welfare programs including group training such as Supervisory Training, Diversity Training, investment services, and other training. The Human Resources Department is also responsible for developing and recommending personnel policies, pay plans, assisting in disciplinary matters, collective bargaining and responding to employee grievances as well as maintaining the switchboard/receptionist services.

The Human Resources Department is open from 8 am to 4 pm to accept applications for positions at the Charter Township of West Bloomfield. There are 270 employees in the organization with a low turnover rate. There are about 3 vacancies per year in the Police Officers ranks, about 3 vacancies per year in Firefighter / EMT ranks, and about two vacancies per year in clerical positions. Other positions open from time to time and are advertised. Each year applicant deadlines are set and applicants for positions with regular vacancies are tested. Those passing entrance test requirements can qualify for consideration of an oral interview. Those deemed acceptable for employment after passing the written tests and oral interviews will be considered for all openings that occur in the next year. If one does not get selected within that time, they are required to re-apply.

  • Recruitment, Collects Applications, Selection, and Hiring
  • Fringe Benefit Administration
  • Assists the operating departments in arranging training opportunities
  • Maintains employment records
  • Assist in disciplinary actions
  • Develops and maintains Job Description files
  • Processes employee complaints and grievances
  • Coordinates collective bargaining
  • Coordinates general employee policies
  • Administers employee benefit programs like health insurance, life Insurance, worker's compensation and pension
  • Employee safety programs, coordination of MIOSHA laws, federal requirements, worker's Compensation and process/hazardous material procedures
  • Maintain switchboard and reception services
  • Internet content


Why apply at West Bloomfield Township?
The Charter Township of West Bloomfield is a good place to work for several reasons:
  • Wage levels are competitive with other similarly situated employees.
  • We offer UAW style benefits with health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, 13 holidays, vacations (varying from 2 to 5 weeks depending on years of service), generous sick leave and disability benefits and a pension plan.
  • Job security is good. Layoffs rarely occur. Except for at-will Department Heads, workers are only terminated for just cause.
  • Educational and promotional opportunities are available for our employees.

You may download our employment application form and apply any time for Police, Fire, Clerical, and advertised positions before deadline dates. We place our ads in the Sunday Detroit News, West Bloomfield Eccentric, or the Oakland Press. You may mail or fax your completed application.

Mailing Address:
Charter Township of West Bloomfield
Attn: Human Resources Department
4550 Walnut Lake Road
PO Box 250130
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48325-0130

Fax number: 248-451-4875

  1. West Bloomfield Township has an open application period once per year for Police Applicants, Fire Applicants, and Clerical applicants. The only time another application period would occur within a year period is if an eligibility list is exhausted a need to fill a vacancy occurs. The Township fills other position vacancies within the Township on an “as needed” basis by newspaper ad invitation. Unsolicited applications are returned. The Township advertises its vacancies on its internet site and in one or more of the following locations: Sunday Detroit News, West Bloomfield Eccentric, Oakland Press, and Detroit Chronicle.
  2. All applicants for an eligibility list are contacted to set up a time to take the written test. The Clerical test is administered by computer.
  3. Applicants take test. The Clerical applicant test covers keyboarding, data entry skills, (certain standards such as 40 wpm keyboarding is required), bookkeeping, and clerical skills.
  4. Scoring is often immediate. Those who meet our standards are eligible for a qualifying interview at a later date.
  5. When an actual vacancy occurs, all those qualifying for an interview will be interviewed by the interview committee of West Bloomfield Township.
  6. Interviews will be conducted by a panel of Supervising Department Heads and the Human Resources Director. The Police and Fire applicants will be interviewed by the top cadre of the respective departments. Each candidate will be ranked by the Committee. Those persons who pass the oral interview will be inserted into the list.
  7. All persons selected for employment will be selected from this list. One of the top 5 ranking may be selected. A person appearing on the list will be maintained on the list for one year after which they will be deleted from the list and must reapply and start the process again. Those selected for a job offer must pass a physical/mental to assure they can perform (with reasonable accommodation if required) the essential duties of the position they are being hired for. West Bloomfield Township is a drug-free workplace, all persons offered employment must take and pass a drug screen test.



When are you taking applications?
Typical Application Deadlines are February 1 for Clerical, March 1 for the Fire Department, and September 1 for the Police Department. Applications will be taken 60 days in advance of those dates. If eligibility list run out, addition list will be generated at other times during the year (see Personnel Announcements for listing of jobs we are taking applications for). Other positions are posted as needed in the newspapers with a 3 week application period.

What are pay levels of positions at West Bloomfield Township?
See table on this website that shows all pay ranges.

How do I apply for employment at West Bloomfield Township?
(1) Download a form from the website, fill out and mail or fax.
(2) Come in to Township Hall, 4550 Walnut Lake Road, and fill out an application.

What is the fringe benefit package for West Bloomfield Township employees?
See SUMMARY OF FRINGE BENEFITS package shown in this website.



Representatives of other Michigan communities looking for information or electronic copies of our employees labor contracts can contact our Human Resources Department at d_maier@wbtwp.com to have the copies e-mailed to them. The Township maintains contracts or benefit plans for Police Officers, Command Officers, Public Safety Dispatchers, Firefighters, and General Employees-Department Heads.