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Teri Weingarden, Michigan Certified Treasurer


248-451-4860 Fax: 248-451-4865
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
PO Box 250130
West Bloomfield, MI 48325-0130

Welcome to the Treasurer’s Office

The West Bloomfield Township Treasurer’s office provides quality customer service with a highly dedicated and trained team. It is our goal to serve our residents in a fair, efficient, conscientious and respectful manner. Please contact me if I can be of assistance. – Teri Weingarden

Please refer to the Township calendar to view all town hall closures.

Please contact my office immediately if you do not receive a summer or a winter tax bill. If you do not receive a summer tax bill by July 8th, or a winter tax bill by December 8th we may have an incorrect address on file. We will gladly correct this information and send a duplicate tax statement. There is NO CHARGE for duplicate tax statements. Please remember that failure to receive a tax statement does NOT exempt taxes from penalty and/or interest.

Summer Taxes are DUE on September 14 without penalty.

Winter Taxes are DUE on February 14 without penalty.

Beginning March 1 all unpaid taxes (summer and winter) including additional penalties must be paid to:

Andrew E. Meisner, Oakland County Treasurer
1200 N. Telegraph
Pontiac, MI 48341
(248) 858-0611

Contact the Oakland County Treasurer's office at 248-858-0611 prior to sending payment to confirm amount owed.

Summer tax bills should arrive on or around July 1st each year. Winter tax bills should arrive on or around December 1st each year.

Approximately 27,000 tax bills are mailed each tax season. Information Only copies of tax bills are mailed to homeowners who have a mortgage company paying their taxes. If you have a mortgage, please check your escrow statement for tax payments. Tax receipts are not mailed to taxpayers due to the large number of tax bills and the high cost of postage.

When paying your taxes or water bill, please remember to detach and return the coupon with your payment.

Detailed payment options are noted on the back of your tax and water bills.

If you have any issues, suggestions, concerns or questions about your tax amount or payment options please contact my office. My goal is to make this process easy for you.


For your convenience there is a gray drop box located on the east side of town hall on the drive-thru island.

The box is clearly marked for payments. Please DO NOT deposit cash in this drop box. Payments by check can be deposited in this drop box 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Payments submitted during non-business hours will be received by the Treasurer when the office reopens.


Millage Rates

Your total tax rate includes millage rates for our public schools, West Bloomfield Township and Oakland County. School millage rates vary among school districts. There are seven school districts within West Bloomfield Township: West Bloomfield, Farmington, Walled Lake, Waterford, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, Pontiac and a transfer district. Each school district has a principal residence rate for the residence owned and occupied by the taxpayer and a non-principle residence rate for property not occupied as a principal residence by the taxpayer.

The millage rate times the taxable value (per thousand) is your tax obligation.

Taxable value ($150,550) x Millage rate (30.6705)
Divide by 1000
Equals Estimated yearly tax

$150,550 x 30.6705 = $4,617,443.78 / 1000 = $4,617.44


This levy is used in school districts whose per pupil funding would not equal last year if that district only received its share of the State Education Tax and its operating levy for funding. This levy has sometimes been referred to as "hold harmless millage". The first 18 mills of this levy can only be applied to Principal Residence properties.

School Operating

As a result of Proposal A, this millage now applies only to Non-Principal Residence properties. The collection of this tax is remitted directly to the school district. This levy is subject to voter approval as current authorized millage expires.

Local Schools

School millage rates vary among school districts. Therefore, each local school district may levy a different amount. Some school districts only levy on the summer tax bill. Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills and Farmington levy on both summer and winter tax bills.

School Sinking Fund

Sinking funds were a way to set aside money to repay principal on a debt when a lump sum comes due. Under current law, schools can maintain permanent sinking funds for future capital projects, like buying real estate, and construction or repair of school buildings. They also let schools have money on hand for emergency repairs, like replacing a leaky roof.

School Bond Debt

Regular school bond debt can be used for a much wider array of activities, including remodeling, equipping or furnishing school buildings. So broad is the list of possible uses that, under strict accounting standards, many of the allowable uses really should be considered operating expenses. Schools sometimes deliberately manage their affairs to make it possible to use bond debt for these items.

State Education

This is the tax levy which was authorized by the passage of Proposal A. These funds go to the State of Michigan and are distributed to the school districts. State law required that beginning July of 2003, the entire State Education Tax (SET) will be collected in the summer levy.

Intermediate Schools

This is the levy of the Oakland County Intermediate School District. Proposal A did not affect this levy and it appears only on the summer tax bill.

Community College

In August 2010, a 10-year, 0.7811-mill millage renewal for Oakland Community College passed. This levy goes to Oakland Community College and appears only on the summer tax bill.

Oakland County

Public Act 357 of 2004 amends the General Property Tax Act so that 100% of the county's fixed allocation millage shall be collected in July for each year beginning 2007.

County Parks and Recreation

In August 2010, a 10-year, 0.2415-mill Oakland County Parks and Recreation millage renewal passed.

Huron Clinton Metroparks Authority

The Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority, Metroparks, is a regional special park district encompassing Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Washtenaw and Livingston counties. The Metroparks are funded principally by a property tax levy, limited to one-quarter of one mill (the rate for 2011 is .2146 mills), and by revenues from vehicle entry fees and other user fees for various facilities such as golf courses.

Public Transportation Authority

Renewed in August 2010, this proposal renews the .59 mills levied by the Oakland County Public Transportation Authority originally in 2006, and allows continued support to the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation (SMART) for a public transportation system serving the elderly, disabled, and general public of Oakland County.

Zoo Authority

On August 5, 2008 voters in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties approved a 0.10 mill levy on all taxable property for a period of 10 years to provide partial funding for the Detroit Zoo. The Zoo began receiving funds in 2009.

Township Operating

The Township Board can levy up to 5 mills for municipal purposes since we are a Charter Township. In 2011 West Bloomfield Township is levying 3.30560. We do not levy the full amount (nor do we plan to). These are funds used for township operations.


Safety Path

In November of 2004, the Township voted to extend the Safety Paths, and we have been mapping and constructing the proposed sidewalk since then. The construction began in the spring of 2008 and will run through the fall of 2011.

Public Safety 1

West Bloomfield voters approved both of the public safety items on their November 2011 ballots. PublicSafety1 was for the 10-year renewal of their 3.1378-mill public safety millage.

Public Safety 2

West Bloomfield voters approved both of the public safety items on their November 2011 ballots. PublicSafety2 was for up to 2.85 additional mills for public safety.

Township Parks – General, Land & Active (3 separate millages on tax bill)

Voters in West Bloomfield approved a .25-mill “active recreation” levy in 1990, and backed a renewal in 2000. In August of 2008 a 10-year renewal of the millage was approved to support parks and recreation from 2011 until 2020. The active recreation millage can be used for acquisition, development, maintenance and operation of township parks and recreation facilities.

Library 1

In September 1997, the West Bloomfield township voters approved a millage vote of $10.8 million to expand and improve both libraries.

Library 2

In August 2010, the West Bloomfield Township Public Library successfully had its 15-year, 0.6586-mill renewal approved.

Township Drain Debt

The Township is indebted for drain improvements. This money is used to pay interest and principal on associated debt for previously completed drain construction.

For more details on any above mentioned millage rates please directly contact the entity.

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