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From the Desk of the Director

Starting as early as June 2008 there will be several Water Distribution System Capital Improvement Construction Projects that will start in multiple locations throughout the Township. All improvements are anticipated to be completed by late fall 2008. The work to be performed is part of an at-large Township Water System Master Plan Initiative effort, necessary to ensure that our valued customers continue to receive the benefit of reliable and quality drinking water that incorporates improvements across the Township’s entire 341 miles of water mains. These projects are funded under a low-interest rate state of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Drinking Water Revolving Fund Loan Program (MDEQ-DWRF). West Bloomfield’s water system needs were evaluated by the MDEQ qualified to receive funding assistance to provide the issuance of approximately $10.5 million in municipal bonds.

Specifically, this work involves the replacement of 2.6 miles of existing under-sized and problematic water mains, and 3.2 miles of new water main that will provide looping which will serve to improve and control pressures and flows throughout the distribution system with necessary increases and decreases in pressure. In addition to water main installations, several locations will receive new pressure reducing, pressure sustaining, and air release valve facilities. These facilities will serve to regulate water system pressures and flows received from the City of Detroit and effectively distribute water in the Township. In addition to valve facilities a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) will be installed. This technology serves to allow the Water Department to continually monitor and control pressure and flows throughout the entire system within six newly engineered water pressure districts.

Water Mains:
Lochaven (from Martin Knoll to Hunt) 2,212 LFT. of 12” Main
Alden (West of Lochaven and south off Willow) 1,105 LFT of 8” Main
Wellington Court (East of Green Lake and north off Commerce) 1,551 LFT of 8” Main
Bloomfield Farms Subdivision (Section #6 – Entire subdivision) 10,935 LFT of 8” Main
Haggerty/Richardson (From Oakley Park north to Richardson and East to Green Lake) 8,998 LFT of 16” Main
Hiller (From Willow to Greer) 4,978 LFT of 16” Main

Pressure Regulating Facilities:
Various locations throughout Township

Residents and commercial business owners who are located near planned improvement sites have been notified in writing of the specific project occurring in their area, along with a map of the location of the work. All work has been designed to be completed within established Township easements and/or road right-of-ways. Although some intermittent single-lane flagging will be necessary on certain roads, no road closures or detours are incorporated on these projects, per the Oakland County Road Commission. In the event Contractor’s working in your area ever encroach upon your private property or raise your concern at any time, we encourage you to contact our office at (248) 451-4784 and ask for Mr. Garry Simpson, Water Superintendent.

It is our department’s intention to promptly address all concerns our customers may have regarding this project. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, and we kindly appreciate and ask for your patience while constructing critical water system improvements for the betterment of our community.

Ed Haapala, Director