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Building - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a building permit?
This is a license to legally start construction of a building project

What projects need building permits?


  • All new buildings
  • All additions to existing buildings
  • Renovations/alterations: kitchen remodels, finish basements, siding, strip & reroofing and replacement windows.
  • All building & structures demolitions
  • Temporary structures including prefabricated
  • Decks
  • Pools/Spas
  • Fireplaces

Other construction activities that need mechanical permits:
  • Additions & alterations to electrical systems
  • Additions & alterations to plumbing systems
  • Additions & alterations to HVAC (heating, ventilating & conditioning)

What projects need a Zoning permit?
  • Commercial signs & banners
  • All fences
  • Driveways
  • Raised concrete patio
  • Temporary structures

What is the purpose of permits?
Permits allow the enforcement of the codes, which have been adopted by the State, County and Township. The enforcement of the codes is carried out to protect the public health, safety and welfare.

Why are permits used?
Permits are valuable tool needed to provide a vital step in enforcement of codes. Permits ensure code compliance, also that your property is protected and that your value is maintained. It also provides as communication for understanding the codes and laws of the community. Permits also insure that minimum standards are met and proper materials are used.

What is the building permit process?
  • Meet your building department staff
  • Submit building permit application
  • Wait for permit review process
  • Receive results of permit review process
  • Receive building permit
  • Request and receive inspection results
  • Receive all final approvals
  • Obtain Certificate of Occupancy (permission to utilize the building)