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Code Enforcement - Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a community need ordinances?
Ordinances are intended to create a reasonable standard for maintenance of property and buildings. Ordinances are designed with quality of life, safety and the protection of property values in mind.

How are ordinances created?
The Board of Trustees adopts ordinances in response to public need. Ordinances or amendments to ordinances can be initiated by citizen groups, staff, appointed Boards or Commissions.

Can ordinances be changed?
If the community and the Board of Trustees see fit, ordinances can be and have been changed. Additional ordinances or amendments must be presented at a public hearing before they can be adopted at a Board meeting.

What is the difference between Ordinances and Association Rules?
Most homeowner's associations have their own set of rules or deed restrictions, applicable to their particular subdivision. These may be comparable to West Bloomfield ordinances which establish minimum standards. Association rules can be more restrictive, but not less restrictive than Township ordinances. They must be enforced by the Association...not the Township.

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