Monday, March 4, 2013, 6:45 PM




4550 Walnut Lake Road


West Bloomfield, MI  48323


Telephone:  (248) 451-4855



Catherine Shaughnessy


Township Clerk


    1.        CALL TO ORDER                 CLICK HERE FOR PRINT VERSION                    

    2.        ROLL CALL


    4.        APPROVAL OF AGENDA

    5.        CLOSED SESSION: Regarding Attorney Client Privileged Communications - regarding personnel request in Fire Department

    6.        PRESENTATION:  Proclamation Honoring Retired West Bloomfield Schools Board of Education Member Bruce Tobin - postponed from 2-11-2013 meeting

    7.        PRESENTATION: Proclamation recognizing March as Red Cross Month

    8.        PUBLIC COMMENT (non-related agenda items – 2 minutes per speaker)

    9.        CONSENT AGENDA

A.            Approval of the Minutes – Regular Meeting of February 11, 2013

B.            Approval of Prepaid Expenditures and/or Investments from the Common Account [Summary]

C.           Approval of Prepaid Expenditures paid by Credit Card

D.           Approval of one year contract extension with Green Meadows Lawnscape, Inc. for Civic Center Lawn Cutting/Ground Maintenance, Hosner Cemetery Lawn Cutting and Water & Sewer Department Lawn Cutting/Ground Maintenance for the 2013 mowing season

E.            Approval of Resolution for St. Mary's Preparatory (High School) Mom's and Dad's Club to hang a banner over Orchard Lake Road at Crosswinds Mall on Orchard Lake       Road between Pontiac Trail and Lone Pine Road to advertise the Polish Country Fair, scheduled for May 12, 2013 through May 29, 2013

F.            Approval of purchase of six new police patrol vehicles from Bill Snethkamp Dodge in the amount of $140,324.58

G.           Approval of a Public Purpose Service Contract with West Bloomfield Youth Assistance

H.           Approval of a Public Purpose Service Contract with Greater West Bloomfield Community Coalition for Youth

I.              Approval of a Public Purpose Service Contract with Crime Stoppers of Michigan

J.            Approval of a Public Purpose Service Contract with West Bloomfield Optimist Club Foundation

K.            Approval of Personnel Committee recommendation to backfill Treasurer's Sr. Account Clerk position due to upcoming retirement on 03/29/2013

L.            Approval of Personnel Committee recommendation to backfill Electrical Inspector position due to recent resignation with job description changes

M.           Approval of Award of Contract with Fougnie Professional Lawn Maintenance for Vacant Lot Weed Cutting and Right-of-Way Mowing for the 2013 season

N.           Approval of Budget Amendment to obtain actuarial studies of the closed pension and healthcare plan costs in the amount of $15,000 from the GF Fund Balance (101-000-395.000) to Contractual Services (101-191-803.000)

O.           Approval of Purchase of one Fleet Pickup Truck for Water & Sewer Department from Bill Snethkamp Dodge under MI-Deal pricing in the amount of $24,129.15




A.            Consideration of 2013 contract renewal with Johnson and Anderson as Water and Sewer Department engineer of record

B.            Consideration of 2013 contract renewal with Johnson and Anderson as Development Services engineering consultant

C.           Consideration of 2013 contract renewal with Niswander Environmental for environmental consulting services

D.           Consideration of 2013 contract renewal with Sherman and Sherman, P.C. as prosecution attorneys

E.            Consideration of 2013 contract renewal with Secrest, Wardle, Lynch, Hampton, Truex and Morley as municipal attorneys

F.            Consideration of 2013 Administrative Service Contract (ASC) with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan





  11.        Consideration of update from Treasurer on Investment Policy

  12.        Consideration of update on REMIC investment

  13.        Consideration of entering into an Agreement with Point and Pay for Electronic Payment Processing pending review of the Vendor’s Service Agreement by Township legal counsel prior to Township signing - tabled from 2-11-2013 meeting

  14.        Consideration of Quarterly Report - Treasurer's Department - tabled from 2-11-2013 meeting



  15.        Consideration of Site Plan & Special Land Use Amendment for Maple/Orchard Commercial Development (SP-10-01)

  16.        Consideration to amend Ordinance Division/Pension Board Sec. 2-127 - Purpose and intent


  17.        PUBLIC COMMENT (non-related agenda items – 2 minutes per speaker




                 1.        Adhere to the most recently published Roberts Rules of Order.  Be recognized by the Chair before speaking.  Rudeness shall not be tolerated.  Speak to agenda issues only – except during Public Comment.  Motions should be made before discussion of the topic.  {This does NOT apply to appeals.}

                 2.        Public Comment on non-related agenda items will be heard at the beginning or the end of the meeting with a 2 minute time limit per person.  A person may speak during one of the Public Comment periods only.

                 3.        Individuals speaking at any publicly held meeting, including township board meetings, and board and commission meetings, shall be required to state their name and indicate whether they are a resident or non-resident. Speakers are not required to provide their address. (Adopted by Township Board on 10/1/2012)

                 4.        Do not interrupt the public or another Board member when they are speaking.  When a Public Hearing is in process, it is only for the public.  Board members shall not speak until after the hearing is closed.  Once the hearing is closed, comments from the public shall no longer be accepted. 

                 5.        Hold all comments to 3 minutes (including Board members).  Audience members may speak once per issue.  Board members may speak no more than twice per issue.

                 6.        Large groups shall appoint two or three representatives to present their pro or con position to the Board during their agenda item.  (This does not apply to SADs).

                 7.        Chairperson or his/her designee shall use a timer to keep meeting flowing.

                 8.        Lengthy presentations should be held to a total of 30 minutes and scheduled through the Clerk.

                 9.        Appeals from Commissions and Boards to the Township Board shall be limited to 15 minute explanations.

               10.        Cellular phones and pagers must be turned off during meetings.

               11.        Closed Sessions from visiting attorneys shall be held before the Regular meeting.

               12.        After a final vote on a motion – no further comments will be taken from anyone.

               13.        No new agenda item will commence after 10:00 p.m.

               14.        Any changes will be at the discretion of the Chair.



The Township of West Bloomfield will provide necessary, reasonable auxiliary aids and services upon proper notification to the Township Clerk or the Development Services Director at 4550 Walnut Lake Road, Box 250130, West Bloomfield, MI 48325-0130, (248) 451-4800 or TDD (248) 451-4899.  Such services provided include:

·         Hearing impaired sound system & receivers  – [notify one (1) day prior to meeting of interest]

·         Signers for the hearing impaired – [provide two (2) weeks advance notice]