Monday, May 12, 2008 6:45 P.M.




4550 Walnut Lake Road, P. O. Box 250130

West Bloomfield, MI 48325-0130

Telephone (248) 451-4848



1.   Call to Order


2.   Roll Call


3.      Pledge of Allegiance


4.   Approval of Agenda


5.   Recognition of Excellent Service of the Police and Fire Departments and

J.A.S. {Jewish Apt. Services RecognitionPDFire.pdf


6.   Discussion regarding road conditions on Orchard Lake Road DiscussOrchardRdConditions.pdf


7.   Public Comment on non-related agenda items - 2 minutes per speaker


8.   Consent Agenda

A - Approval of Minutes - Regular Meeting held Monday, April 7,
2008  min04-07-08reg.pdf

B - Approval of prepaid expenditures and/or investments and expenditures to be

 paid from the Common Account [Summary] Expenditures.pdf

C - Approval of prepaid expenditures to be paid by credit card  creditcardrpt.pdf

            D - Report of General, Public Safety, and Water & Sewer Budgets for the month

                        of March 2008  Consent-GenPubSfty-WatSewBgt-3-08.pdf

E -  Acceptance of Treasurer’s Quarterly Report  TreasInvestRprt.pdf

            F -  Trustee Attendance  TrusteesPay.pdf

G - Departmental Reports - Quarterly

a.  Assessing   departmentalAssessing.pdf

b.  Building  departmentalBuilding.pdf

c.  Fire departmentalFire.pdf

d.  Police  departmentalPolice.pdf

e.  Code Enforcement  departmentalCode.pdf

f.   Engineering Consultants  departmentalEnginConsult.pdf

g.  GIS  departmentalGIS.pdf

h.  Environmental  departmentalEnviron.pdf

i.   Water and Sewer Department  departmentalWater.pdf

     (Johnson & Anderson, Inc. Quarterly Engineering Update)

j.   Personnel  departmentalPersonnel.pdf

      k. Information Technologies  departmental-IT.pdf

            l.  Planning Department  departmentalPlanning.pdf

H -  Other Reports

Cable Board  departmentalCable.pdf

Civic Center TV-15  departmentalTV-15.pdf


            I -   Approval of Resolution to install an over-the-road banner {on Orchard Lake

                        Road near Jack Cauley Chevrolet} to advertise the Relay for Life Event,

            scheduled for June 7 and 8, 2008; and Approval of Outdoor Gathering for

            the Relay for Life Event to be held at West Bloomfield High School ~

            Applicant:  American Cancer Society  RelayForLife.PDF

J -  Approval of Proclamation in Support of Community Eruv Project of Bais Chabad

            of Farmington Hills  ProclamEruv.pdf

K -  Approval of Proclamation to Establish May as Mental Health Month  ProclamMental.pdf

L -  Approval of Proclamation Recognizing Retirement of Gary Faber, West Bloomfield

            Schools Superintendent  ProclamFaber.pdf

M - Approval of Proclamation Proclaiming June 2008 as “Scleroderma

            Awareness Month”  ProclamSclero.pdf

N -  Approval for a 3-Year Contract Extension to LiquiForce Services, Inc. (USA) {to

            maintain current pricing from May 1, 2008 to April 30, 2009, then a 1% increase for

            2009-10 and 1% increase for 2010-11, under work as given for the repair and

            maintenance services for the Township’s Sanitary Sewer System}  ContractLiquiForce.pdf

O - Adoption of Ordinance No. C-53-A-E, Amendment to Anti-Blight Ordinance regarding

            Collection of Attorney Fees  OrdC-53-A-EAntiBlight.pdf

P -  Adoption of Ordinance No. C-705-A, Amendment to Dead, Diseased or Dangerous

            Trees  OrdC-705-ADeadTrees.pdf

Q - Adoption of Ordinance No. C-345-C, Amendment to Massage ordinance regarding

            Recognized Certification for Massage Therapists  OrdC-345-C.pdf

R - Recommendation to Award the Contract for Civic Center Lawn Cutting/Grounds

            Maintenance, Hosner Cemetery Lawn cutting, and the Water and Sewer Department

            Lawn cutting/Grounds Maintenance to Great Oaks Landscaping  BidHosner&WaterSewer.pdf

S -  Recommendation to Award the Contract for Lot Weed Cutting and Bike Path

            Trimming to McClelland Landscaping  BidWeedCutting.pdf

            T -  Introduction of Ordinance No. C-725, Acceptance of Sewage Disposal System

                         of Fifth Third Bank – 4747 Haggerty Road, Project No. 07-002,

                        Section 19  OrdC-725FifthThirdSewage.pdf

            U -  Introduction of Ordinance No. C-726, Acceptance of Water Supply Systems

                        of William Beaumont Medical Building Expansion, Project No. 04-020,

                        Section 34  OrdC-726BeaumontWater.pdf

            V -  Approval to cancel the June 2, 2008 Township Board Meeting  MeetingChange.pdf

            W - Renewal of 2008-2009 Oakland County Equalization Contract; and Approval of

                        Resolution approving contract for Oakland County Equalization Assistance

                        Services  Contract-ResolEqualization.pdf

            X -  Consideration of Approval for Recommended Award to Low Bidder Aggressive

Systems, Inc. for Water and Sewer System Control Panels in the amount of $472,400  ControlPanelBidsDWRF.pdf

            Y -  Approval of annual contribution (plus increase) to Morris Lake Weed Harvest

                        Program  DuesMorrisLake.pdf

            Z -  Approval of Increase to the 2008 Federal and State Forfeiture Budget from the

                        Police Department  PoliceForfeiture.pdf

           AA - Approval of Resolution Approving Community Development Block Grant (CDGB) Program,


                   Oakland County, Michigan Urban County Re-Qualification, 2009 - 2011


Unfinished Business



New Business

   9.   Approval of GWBCAB recommendation that four (4) communities approve a

          capital expenditure of not more than $82,720.00 from the Cable Joint

          Venture Fund  CableExpenditure.pdf

10.   Approval of Bid and Paying Agent Resolution for 2008 Bike Path Capital

            Improvement Bonds  ResolBikePathBonds.pdf

11.   Introduction and Adoption of Ordinance No. C-706-B, {to amend Ordinance No. C-706

            and Ordinance No. C-706-A, to authorize the issuance of not to exceed $1,000,000 2008 Water

            System Improvement Revenue Bonds, Series B} OrdC-706-B.pdf

12.   Approval of land trade for a safety path easement on West Long Lake

13.   Consider approval of house addition under Craine v West Bloomfield

            Consent Judgment  ConsentJudgmentSeidman-Craine.pdf

14.      Request to Waive Permit Fees for Parking Lot Paving and Rain Garden

            Installation at Schulak Farm  SchulakWaiveFees.pdf

15.   Consideration of Approval for a 30-Year Water Contract between West Bloomfield

            Township and DWSD {Detroit Water & Sewer Department}  ContractDWSD30Yr.pdf

16.   Consideration of Lease Agreement with T-Mobile for Civic Center

            Tower  T-MobileLeaseAgreement.pdf

17.   Consideration of Policy Regarding Approval of Resolutions Resolutions-Policy.pdf

18.   Discussion of Downtown Overlay, Site Plan and Stormwater Management

            Ordinances  DowntownDistrictOverlay.pdf

19.   Public Participation




 1.        Adhere to the most recently published Roberts Rules of order.  Be recognized by the Chair

            before speaking.  Rudeness shall not be tolerated.  Speak to agenda issues only – except

            during public comment.  Motions should be made before discussion of the topic.  {This does

not apply to appeals.}

 2.        Public Comment on non-related agenda items will be heard at the beginning or the end

            of the meeting with a 2 minute time limit per person.  A person may speak during one of the

            Public comment periods only.

 3.        Do not interrupt the public or another Board member when they are speaking.  When a Public

            Hearing is in process, it is only for the public.  Board members shall not speak until after the

            hearing is closed.  Once the hearing is closed, comments from the public shall no longer be


 4.        Hold all comments to 3 minutes (including Board members).  Audience members may speak

            once per issue.  Board members may speak no more than twice per issue.

  5.       Large groups shall appoint two or three representatives to present their pro or con position

            to the Board during their agenda item.  (This does not apply to SAD’s).

 6.        Chairperson or his designee shall use a timer to keep meeting flowing.

 7.        Lengthy presentations should be held to a total of 30 minutes and scheduled through the


 8.        Appeals from Commissions and Boards to the Township Board shall be limited to 15 minute


 9.        Cellular phones and pagers must be turned off during meetings.

10.        Executive Sessions from visiting attorneys shall be held before the Regular meeting.

11.        After a final vote on a motion – no further comments will be taken from anyone.

12.        No new agenda item will commence after 10:30 p.m.

13.        Any changes will be at the discretion of the Chair.


Cell phones and pagers must be turned off at all meetings


The Township of West Bloomfield will provide necessary, reasonable auxiliary aids and services

such as:


  • Hearing impaired sound system & receivers (notify Clerk/Planning Depts. one day prior to       

Meeting of interest)

  • Signers for the hearing impaired (two [2] weeks advance notice)
  • Audio tapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting (to individuals with disabilities)

Two (2) weeks notice in writing or by calling the Township Clerk or the Planning Director at

4550 Walnut Lake Road, Box 250130, West Bloomfield, MI 48325-0130, (248) 451-4800 or

TDD (248) 451-4899


Sharon A. Law

Township Clerk