1.         CALL TO ORDER                                                                               Printable Version


2.         ROLL CALL






5.         PUBLIC COMMENT non-related agenda items – 2 minutes per speaker


6.         UPDATE on Orchard Lake Road


7.         CLOSED SESSION regarding:

1.  Shifrin  v West Bloomfield

2.  MMRMA Settlement Payment


7a.       CONSIDERATION of pending litigation regarding Shifrin v West Bloomfield 

            CONSIDERATION of MMRMA Settlement Payment B



                        A – Approval of Minutes –  Regular Meeting held Monday, May 18, 2009

                                    Min 05-18-09 regular.pdf

                               Approval of Minutes – Special Meeting held Wednesday, May 27, 2009

                                    Min 05-27-09 special.pdf

       Approval of Minutes – Regular Meeting held Monday, June 1, 2009

            Min 06-01-09 part 1.pdf        Min 06-01-09 part 2.pdf

                        B – Approval of prepaid expenditures and/or investments and expenditures to be paid

                                    from the Common Account [Summary] Expenditures.pdf

                        C – Approval of prepaid expenditures to be paid by credit card Credit Card Report.pdf

                        D – Trustee Attendance Trustee Attendance.pdf

                        E – Approval  of Resolution to install two (2) over-the-road banners (one across Orchard

                                    Lake Road near Jack Cauley Chevrolet and the other across Orchard Lake Road

                                    at Crosswinds Mall, north of Lone Pine road) to advertise the Orchard Lake Fine

                                    Art Show, scheduled for July 24th – 26th, 2009 Resolution - OL Fine Art Show.pdf

                        F –  Approval to Authorize Township Supervisor and Township Clerk to execute the Donohue

                                    Drain Easement on Parcel #18-29-206-057 (Township owned)




                        G –  Approval of Request to Contract with Constellation Energy for the Purchase of

                                    Natural Gas under the State of Michigan MiDeal Program ConstellationEnergy.pdf

                        H –  Approval to cancel November 2, 2009 Township Board meeting (due to Special School

                                    election on November 3)

                         I –   Consideration to Adopt Ordinance No. C-692-B, Firefighter Employment

                                    Ordinance Amendment {repeal entirety of Section 11-19 of Ordinance Code due to Firefighter

                                    employment standards now being handled by policy Ord. No. C-692-B Adopt.pdf

                        J  –  Consideration of Approval for Award to Low Bidder, Trojan Development Company for

                                    Capital Sanitary Sewer Lift Station Improvements, Project #16 and #17 in the

                                    amount of $324,000.00 LiftStationBid-Trojan.pdf

            K  –  Consideration of Approval for Award to Low Bidder, Italia Construction, Inc. for

2009 Non-Motorized Pedestrian Safety Path Program in the amount of

$1,299,176.44 2009SafetyPathAward.pdf

                        L  –  Hiring Policies   

                                    a) Approval of General Employees Hiring Policy General Hiring Policy.pdf

                                    b) Approval of Cadet Hiring Policy Cadet Hiring Policy.pdf

                                    c) Approval of Police Hiring Policy Police Hiring Policy.pdf

                                    d) Approval of Dispatcher Hiring Policy Dispatcher Hiring Policy.pdf                      

                        M  –  Approval of Fireworks Display, Green Lake, for a display scheduled for July 11, 2009

                                    at 10:00 p.m. [with a rain date of July 12, 2009] {pending FD review and

recommendations} Fireworks Green Lake.pdf

                        N  –  Approval for Public Hearing at Planning Commission on July 14, 2009 regarding

                                    Bicycle Storage Facilities Text Amendment to Zoning Ordinance

                                    Bike Storage Public Hrg.pdf



             9.        Consideration to Expand Plante Moran Audit

10.       Consideration to Replace Cadets in the Police Department; and use new EMCO

                        Cadet Test Cadet Memo.pdf

11.       Consideration of design modifications for Segment 7 Safety Path on Inkster Road

                        Segment 7 Inkster.pdf                     

12.       Consideration to Adopt Ordinance No. C-408-D, Solid Waste Management Ordinance

                                    Amendment Ord. No. C-408-D Adopt.pdf

            13.       Consideration of Revised Treasurer’s Report {including accrued Interest

                                    Earned; interest to-date, daily average and weighted yield} (tabled from

                                    6-1-09 Board meeting) Treasurer's Report.pdf

            14.       Consideration to Adopt Ordinance No. C-367-B, Text Amendment to Zoning

                                    Ordinance, (Signs, Definitions and Temporary), to provide definitions for

                                    temporary signage, banners and other non-permanent signs, to move all

                                    signage definitions into Section 26-34 and to create administrative

                                    standards Ord. No. C-367-B Adopt.pdf

            15.       Consideration of Resolution Determining Necessity, Directing Circuit Court

                                    Proceedings and Authorizing Declarations of Taking for the Acquisition

                                    of Easements for Safety Path Improvements

                                    Resolution Acquisition Safety Path.pdf

            16.       Consideration to Introduce Ordinance No. C-736, Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment,

 Automobile Service Station Definition/Alcohol Sale Prohibition

Ord. No. C-736.pdf





17.       Presentation regarding future plans for Churchill’s Cigar Bar, located at Old

Orchard Mall - Class C License

18.       Consideration of Proposal to Provide Dispatch Services for the City of Walled Lake

                        Walled Lake Dispatch.pdf

19.       Consideration to Update Building Permit Fee Schedule Building Permit Fees.pdf

20.       Consideration of Membership Request from the Chaldean Chamber of Commerce

                        Chaldean Chamber Request.pdf

20a.    Consideration of Budget Amendment {regarding possible membership dues to Chaldean

                        Chamber of Commerce}

21.       Consideration to Introduce Ordinance No. C-733, Text Amendment to Zoning Ordinance

                        (Child Care Centers), to allow Child Care Centers under B-2 and B-3 as a use

                        permitted on special approval (Sections 26-131 and 26-148)

                        Ordinance No. C-733 Intro.pdf

22.       Consideration to Introduce Ordinance No. C-709-B, Text Amendment to Zoning

                        Ordinance, (Parking Rates), to allow petitioners to propose the methodology

                        for the basis of parking rates required for site plan approval under Section

                        26-29 Parking Requirements Ord. No. C-709-B Intro.pdf

23.       Consideration to Authorize Submission of Application for Energy Efficiency Block

                        Grant Block Grant Energy.pdf

            24.       PUBLIC COMMENT non-related agenda items – 2 minutes per speaker




                1.             Adhere to the most recently published Roberts Rules of Order.  Be recognized by the Chair  

                                before speaking.  Rudeness shall not be tolerated.  Speak to agenda issues only – except

                                during Public Comment.  Motions should be made before discussion of the topic.  {This does

NOT apply to appeals.}

                2.             Public Comment on non-related agenda items will be heard at the beginning or the end

                                of the meeting with a 2 minute time limit per person.  A person may speak during one of the

                                Public Comment  periods only.

                3.             Do not interrupt the public or another Board member when they are speaking.  When a Public

                                Hearing is in process, it is only for the public.  Board members shall not speak until after the

                                hearing is closed.  Once the hearing is closed, comments from the public shall no longer be


                4.             Hold all comments to 3 minutes (including Board members).  Audience members may speak

                                once per issue.  Board members may speak no more than twice per issue.

 5.            Large groups shall appoint two or three representatives to present their pro or con position

                                to the Board during their agenda item.  (This does not apply to SAD’s).

                6.             Chairperson or his/her designee shall use a timer to keep meeting flowing.

                7.             Lengthy presentations should be held to a total of 30 minutes and scheduled through the Clerk.

                8.             Appeals from Commissions and Boards to the Township Board shall be limited to 15 minute


                9.             Cellular phones and pagers must be turned off during meetings.

10.          Closed Sessions from visiting attorneys shall be held before the Regular meeting.

11.          After a final vote on a motion – no further comments will be taken from anyone.

12.          No new agenda item will commence after 10:00 p.m.

13.          Any changes will be at the discretion of the Chair.








Cell phones and pagers must be turned off at all meetings


The Township of West Bloomfield will provide necessary, reasonable auxiliary aids and services

such as:


  • Hearing impaired sound system & receivers (notify Clerk/Planning Depts. one day prior to       

Meeting of interest)

  • Signers for the hearing impaired (two [2] weeks advance notice)
  • Audio tapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting (to individuals with disabilities)

Two (2) weeks notice in writing or by calling the Township Clerk or the Planning Director at

4550 Walnut Lake Road, Box 250130, West Bloomfield, MI 48325-0130, (248) 451-4800 or

TDD (248) 451-4899